Diversity & Inclusion

Being able to be yourself, that is what is important at TU Delft.

Students and staff from different backgrounds and cultures must be made to feel at home and supported with all their unique characteristics and experiences. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is therefore an essential component for excellence and innovation.

TU Delft considers it important that all of its students and staff feel at home and valued, regardless of their sex, age, background, sexual orientation or disability. And where individual differences are accepted. In this way, everyone's involvement is increased and everyone is happy to be themselves.

A varied pool of staff enables skills and talents to blossom and it ensures that a variety of approaches, insights and ideas contribute directly to innovation and creativity.

Diversity ensures that when decisions are taken, they are done so with careful consideration. The university is more appealing to international and Dutch students when TU Delft staff are a reflection of society in all of its diversity. It gives us access to an enormous international pool of talented students and staff and helps us to compete on the labour market at home and abroad. A positive reflection also helps us to gain a better understanding of social issues and to find ways to resolve them more easily.

Delft University of Technology stands for diversity and inclusion. It tries to ensure that everyone who wants to study or work here feels at home and can bring out the best in themselves.

It was for this reason that TU Delft established the Diversity Office in September 2017 to draw more attention to diversity and inclusion. It is now the primary point of contact for current and future students and staff in matters concerning D&I.