Family friendly

TU Delft recognises the importance of having a good work-life balance. For this reason, we offer flexible working hours, the possibility to work part-time, partially paid parental leave, and an International Children's Centre on campus providing child care and an international primary school. A 38-hour working week entitles you to 232 hours of paid leave each year. If you find you have too much annual leave, you can sell some of your leave hours. If you feel you do not have enough annual leave, you can buy extra hours.

Feel good at work

Employees are also welcome to join the Health Coach Programme, a programme focused on general health, nutrition and exercise.

Our campus provides a Sports & Culture Centre. The sports centre offers many Fitness and group lessons, endurance sports, racket sports, ball sports, material arts and defence, water sports and other sports like climbing. The Culture Centre offers art, dance, music, media and theatre courses.

Other options available include discounts on other off campus sports activities and collective (health) insurance schemes.