Dual career network

The TU Delft assists partners of international employees in finding employment in the Netherlands with the Dual Career Programme. A similar service is offered by Leiden and Erasmus Universities. In a strategic alliance, the three universities are intensifying their existing collaboration and service, and aim to make the Dutch labour market more readily accessible to employees’ partners. An important part of the Dual Career Programme is the Dual Career Network (DCN). 

What is the Dual Career Network?

The Dual Career Network (DCN) was set up as a resource both for companies and organisations in the region and for partners and spouses of international academic staff who are looking for work opportunities. The Dual Career Network serves the interests of these two groups by enabling partners and spouses to enhance their professional network, offering lectures, creating work experience, offering internships to assist partners and spouses in finding a job, or assisting them in starting their own business.
Please note that the Coming to Delft Service and Dual Career Network focus on providing assistance and advice. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that someone will find employment. We will of course do our best to assist you as much as possible. 


We recommend partners to first take part in the partner career workshops and afterwards join the DCN. If you are interested in using the advantages of the Dual Career Network as an extension of the Partner Career Advice then contact us via HRservices@tudelft.nl

It's pleasant to participate in the Dual Career Programme of TU Delft after I moved to the Netherlands with my husband. I really appreciate their services, which helped me to quickly build up a local career network. Special thanks go to Peter de Bruijn as he guided me to utilise LinkedIn for seeking tailored positions in this area. Now I became a teacher in the Delft Chinese School. Although it is a part time job, I regard it as a nice kick-off for my career in this beautiful place.

― Mia Xu - 2019, Moved to Delft with her partner from Munich, Germany