Partner Career Workshops

During the academic year, the Coming to Delft Service organises many events and workshops. Each month new events and workshops are published on the calendar on the homepage of the Coming to Delft Service.

Most of the workshops are set up for spouses to prepare them for the Dutch job market. The Partner Career Workshops are an example of this; 3 sessions in which participants will work on their CV, letter of motivation and pitch, and will also be informed about the Dutch business culture. In addition, they can join a LinkedIn training and two sessions on how to unlock their potential.

International employees and partners can join the Intercultural Communication or Networking workshops, often organised on Saturdays.

Finding a suitable job in some sectors in the Netherlands might depend on the strength of your business network. LinkedIn is often used by Dutch companies to search for suitable candidates. You are therefore strongly advised to actively use LinkedIn in your job search.

From a networking point of view, we organise International Coffee Moments, where a career counsellor of the university is present, New Joiners Drinks, for those who have recently arrived, and a cycling lecture and tour.

In addition we will invite you to the tax information meetings (together with AAme tax advisors), the Welcome to Delft event (together with the Delft municipality and ACCESS) and other events we think could be of interest to you.