Cost of living

Annual salaries for comparable positions can differ enormously among countries. However, the cost of living can also differ a lot among countries and even among cities in the same country. 

Example Cost of Living

The following overview gives an idea of the costs of living in Delft. The overview is based on the income of a starting postdoc (salary scale 10.0), living outside the City Centre of Delft with a partner (who has no income) and two children.

The overview is based on information from the cost of living comparison tool, the website of the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax office), the Nibud (National Institute for Family Finance Information) and the city of Delft.

Please note that this overview is based on averages: actual costs can differ for each individual. No rights and claims can be derived from this sample calculation in any manner.

Monthly  Yearly
Gross salary (1 fte)255230624
Reimbursement of commuting expenses. Spec.20240
General work-related expenses scheme contribution          27324
Income tax*-500,75-6009
Pension contribution**-120,75-1449
Invalidity pension contribution**-1,16-13,92


*Taxes collected by the Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst).
**After retirement or in case of disability a fixed amount will be paid out monthly.

Holiday allowance and end-of-year bonus

Holiday allowance and end-of-year bonus

Monthly  Yearly
Holiday allowance (payment with salary in May)204,162449,92
Taxes holiday allowance*-100,23-1202,75
End-of-the-year bonus (payment with salary in December)          211,822541,84
Taxes end-of-the year bonus*-104,19-1250,33


*Taxes collected by the Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst). 

Child benefit (2 children)
Monthly  Yearly
Child benefit          160,591927,12
Monthly  Yearly
Rent (apartment 3 bedrooms, outsides city centre)          108012960
Electricity, heating, water (for 85 m2 apartment)1601920
Waste diposal levy28,56342,7
Sewage levy18,06216,73
Water system levy9,97119,67
Pollution levy23,38280,5
Montlhy  Yearly
Health insurance (incl. partner and 2 children)          2503000
Liability insurance560
Monthly  Yearly
Sports and leirsure          1001200

The Dutch primary and secondary state education is free of charge and available to everyone. A (voluntary) yearly contribution of approximately 100 Euros is asked.

Private schools and international schools will cost money. The average costs are displayed below:

Monthly  Yearly
Preschool, private, 1 child120014400
International primary school, 1 child          5006000



More information

Click here for information about financial matters (Academic Transfer).

How does it work?

Use the cost of living comparison tool to compare the cost of living in Delft with the cost of living in your home city/country.