Dutch Language

Dutch courses

A good way to learn Dutch is to combine a Dutch course with ‘learning by doing’ with colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances. Courses range from beginner’s skills to advanced skills and beyond. Courses are offered by various providers and come in different forms, for example day courses, evening courses or e-learning courses.

TU Delft provides its international employees (and accompanying families) with an overview of regional Dutch course providers. Please note that this list is not necessarily an endorsement and that there might be additional providers in the region.

Overview of language courses

Dutch language levels

There are different kinds of Dutch language certification, depending on whether the ‘student’ is already in the Netherlands or still in a foreign country. It would be wise to determine your Dutch language skills and needs before you start Dutch lessons.

More information

  • Click here for information about the different kinds of Dutch language certification (IamExpat).

How does it work?

If you would like to participate in one of the Dutch courses mentioned above, please follow the enrollment instructions provided by the provider of your choice.

Please note that TU Delft does not have special arrangements with the listed service providers, nor will TU Delft pay in most situations for a Dutch course for an employee or his/her partner or family.