The Netherlands has 17 million inhabitants and is densely populated. Finding a suitable house might take some time and perseverance.

We are happy to assist you with short-stay accommodation (DUWO, up to 1 year). This type of accommodation is only suitable for individuals (and accompanying partners), but not for families. Please note that there is a high demand of rooms in Delft and we cannot guarantee housing via TU Delft/DUWO. We strongly recommend that new staff and guests also try to find accommodation through other alternatives, read more on our webpage renting a home .

If you need family accommodation, the information provided will help you to orient yourself to the market. In certain circumstances, TU Delft might help you to find suitable accommodation; however, it will be your responsibility to find appropriate accommodation.

Where to live in Delft

The city of Delft can be divided into eight districts, each with its own characteristics. Before renting a house you might want to decide in which area you would like to live: close to the centre where there are cafes and shops, in a green area with lots of playgrounds or in a newly built suburb. There are plenty of options.

Descriptions of the different districts in Delft:

Adjacent to Delft are some municipalities that might be more cost-efficient alternatives to Delft. Check out Pijnacker–Nootdorp (especially Delfgauw village), Midden Delfland (Den Hoorn village), Lansingerland (Berkel en Rodenrijs and Bergschenhoek villages), Rijswijk and the Ypenburg district in The Hague.

More information

The links below provide general information about the Dutch housing market:

Click here for general information about accommodation (Academic Transfer)

How does it work?

TU Delft will be happy to assist you with short-stay accommodation (up to 1 year ) for you and your partner (but not for families). We can also provide you with information about how to rent for a longer period of time, how to find a family home and how to buy a home.