Childcare in the Netherlands

How does it work?

In Delft and its surroundings there are a number of childcare providers where English is spoken or the carers are bilingual.

  • Plukkebol – Dutch-language childcare next to the campus, parent information in English

  • KNOTZ childcare – Delft and The Hague area, 1 bilingual group

  • Zo Kinderopvang – Delft and The Hague area, Dutch-language childcare, English website

  • Carpe Diem, Dutch-language childcare in Delft, English website

If you would like to choose a host parent for your child, you need to register with a local host parent agency.

  • 4KIDS – English website

If you need childcare, the links provided will help you to orient yourself to the market. You are free to choose a childcare provider of your choice. In certain circumstances, TU Delft might help you to find suitable childcare by providing you with the contact information of various childcare centres; however, it will be your responsibility to find appropriate childcare.

Please note that this list is not necessarily an endorsement and that there might be additional childcare providers in the region.