Fellows and Postdocs

Are you considering becoming a post-doctoral researcher, or ‘post-doc’, at TU Delft after your Doctoral programme? In many cases, this provides an opportunity for researchers who have recently been awarded a PhD to carry out independent scientific research for a number of years on a temporary contract.

Springboard to a scientific career
As a post-doctoral researcher, it is important to gain experience at various places throughout the world to ensure an international and varied scientific career. Preferably, this should be done at various universities, in various countries. Or you could first gain experience in the industry or a research institute.

Freedom to research
You will focus on a specific research theme within your field at a high-quality university which encompasses many specialisations. You will be given a lot of freedom in an environment with excellent facilities, where you act proactively. You will expand your network and, depending on your research, you will collaborate with an interdisciplinary team, industrial partners or public research institutes.

There is more
But there is more than scientific research. Would you like to supervise graduation students and PhD candidates? No problem. And would you like to develop yourself through publications in academic journals, get your teaching qualifications or learn more about how to acquire funding, where a team of advisors (Research Funding Team of the TU Delft Valorisation Center) can assist academics of TU Delft? That is also possible. You discuss your steps to take on a regular basis with your supervisor or you discuss your ambitions and wishes during an annual Result & Development meeting. Or just come along to the TU Delft Career Centre, where our specialised career coaches will be happy to help you prepare for your next step.

Delft: city for knowledge, working and living
When it comes to research, knowledge and innovation, Delft stands out from the crowd and belongs to the top tier of the academic world. Delft is also becoming widely recognised as a congress city. It is also a great place to live and work and has good transport links. If you come from abroad, we will help you arrange your stay in the Netherlands. You can find out more on the Coming to Delft & the Netherlands website

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Looking for funding?

Funding for research experience abroad:

Career perspectives
There are ample challenges following your post-doctoral experiences. These can include going on to work in the industry, government bodies or public research institutes. Or perhaps a career in the academic world is more for you? Depending on your ambitions and the opportunities available, you can pursue a university academic career, for example as an assistant professor with a Tenure Track or a career path leading to a position as an internationally recognised and respected scientist.

TU Delft central offers the Delft Technology Fellowship especially for top female scientists. As a fellow you will be offered the unique chance to establish your own research programme of international repute, including generous start-up funding: