PhD’s at TU Delft

Are you considering doing a PhD at TU Delft after your Master's degree? It involves spending four years on in-depth research in a specific field and writing a thesis about it that you will ultimately present and defend. If you complete it successfully, you will qualify for the title of Doctor (Dr or PhD).

Your ideas matter! 
Taking a PhD at TU Delft involves research into subjects that are of relevance to society. Your ideas matter! You will be given a lot of freedom in an environment with good facilities. You will attend international conferences, take subject-related training courses and programmes in personal development, teach students, write articles for academic journals and develop an extensive academic and social network. Depending on your PhD research, you will collaborate with an interdisciplinary team, industrial partners or public research institutes.

Delft: city for knowledge, working and living
When it comes to research, knowledge and innovation, Delft stands out from the crowd. It is also a great place to live and work and has good transport links. If you come from abroad, we will help you to arrange your stay in the Netherlands. You can find out more on the Coming to Delft & The Netherlands website.

Skilled professionals
As a talented, motivated PhD candidate, you can expect TU Delft to offer you a research career in which you spend four years focusing on a specific field. Of course, the person supervising you (professor, promotor and/or daily supervisor) will provide the necessary support. The TU Delft Graduate School monitors the entire process, guaranteeing the quality of the doctoral education. We help you to develop skills and ensure you become a highly competent, independent and leading researcher and skilled professional.

Career prospects
Completed your PhD? Depending on your ambitions and the opportunities available, you can pursue a university academic career, for example as a research fellow or post-doc. But perhaps you would prefer to set up your own business, for example as a start-up? Armed with a PhD, you will be at a real advantage in the world of business and government. The choice is up to you.

Looking for a PhD position?

PhD vacancies

To take a PhD, you can submit an application for a PhD vacancy at TU Delft. If appointed, you will be employed by the University and be paid a salary. 

  •  Search for a PhD vacancy on the TU Delft job vacancy website.
PhD research with your own funding

It is also possible to conduct PhD research using your own funding (a personal grant or scholarship). In that case, you will have to find a promotor (supervisor) within your field of research and you will be at the University on a hospitality basis. This will allow you access to the buildings and facilities: e.g. a workplace and/or access to the TU Delft network, use of equipment, laboratories and the library.

  • Contact the department or a professor in your field of research to discuss the possibilities for PhD research using your own funding. Take a look here for details of the almost 40 engineering and scientific disciplines, together with their many specialisms, that make up TU Delft's eight faculties.

PhD network