Postdoc at the TU Delft

Spring board to a scientific career

As a Postdoc it’s important to gain experience in various places around the world to have an international and versatile career in science. Preferably at different universities in different countries. Or, you first gain experience in industry or a research institute.

Freedom to conduct research

You focus on a specific research theme within your field at a high-quality university where many specialties are connected. You get a lot of freedom in an environment with excellent facilities where you act proactively. You expand your network and, depending on your research, you work with an interdisciplinary team, industrial partners or public research institutes.

Room to develop yourself

But there is more to life than scientific research. Would you find it interesting to supervise graduates and doctoral students? That’s possible. And do you want to develop in the field of academic publications, qualify as a teacher or delve into fundraising, where a team of advisors (Research Funding team of the TU Delft Innovation & Impact Centre) supports with the submission of proposals? That’s also possible. You regularly discuss your next steps with your supervisor, or you discuss your ambitions and wishes during an annual Results- and Development conversation. Or drop by the TU Delft Career Centre, where specialised career coaches will help you prepare for your next step.

See what your future colleagues are working on. Read TU Delft Stories

See what your future colleagues are working on. Read TU Delft Stories