Scientific staff

Do you want to push the limits of engineering sciences and contribute to solving the challenges of today's society? Do you want to work at a university that enables you to excel as an academic and focuses on your personal development? Then the next step in your career could be at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

Tenure track for young academics

TU Delft is looking for academics with a PhD and several years of experience as a post-doctoral researcher preferably at an international organisation. You have conducted independent research and are open to the idea of an academic career. We are looking for academics with a broad profile of competences in education, research, valorisation, organisation and leadership.

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All new Assistant Professors start out at TU Delft on a tenure track basis. This is a temporary employment contract for six years. During the tenure track, it will be decided whether you have the potential to go on to become an Associate Professor and/or Full Professor. This will be decided after five years at the latest. If the decision is in your favour, your temporary employment contract will be converted into a permanent contract. TU Delft offers the great prospect of eventually becoming a Full Professor, even without an open vacancy for the position. However, this is only if you meet certain criteria.

If it turns out that an academic career at TU Delft is not for you, there will be a whole year (the sixth of the tenure track) to look for a position within the broad network of TU Delft or elsewhere. And the university is able to offer you support with this.

Personal development programme

TU Delft will offer you real development opportunities. During the first years of your tenure track, you will be able to pursue a personal development programme (PDP). It is important to us at TU Delft to give our staff all-round training and really invest in you so that you not only develop professionally but also have plenty of room for personal development. The PDP is therefore extremely broad-based, with different types of training in: personal effectiveness; personal leadership; time management; directing and supervising PhD candidates, post-doctoral researchers and Master's students; influencing; team building; and personal branding. During your tenure track, you will also obtain your University Teaching 

Qualification, which will involve learning about all aspects of teaching, such as education development, teaching and education assessment. Support is also available for research funding applications. Also very important: in collaboration with your supervisors and colleagues, you will ultimately learn how to develop your own complete research line.

Why work at TU Delft?
Scientific sector impact
TU Delft is the oldest university of technology in the Netherlands, with many different fields of study. As part of the academic staff at TU Delft, you will build on your career in an international environment, surrounded by talented people with inquiring minds. By working for TU Delft, you will create impact in the scientific sector and contribute to the development of technologies for society and future generations. You will have the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams of academics from different areas of design, science and engineering. We at TU Delft believe in ‘team science’: you achieve the most as a team.

In addition, TU Delft offers state-of-the-art research facilities for pioneering research and to train new generations of engineers. Several of these facilities are the only ones of their kind in the Netherlands or in the world, making them of great national interest.

In the top tier of the academic world
When it comes to research, knowledge and innovation, TU Delft stands out from the crowd and belongs to the top tier of the academic world. TU Delft is listed in many international rankings, including the top 100 of the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking and in Reuter’s Top 100 Most Innovative Universities.

Support for international staff
If you come from abroad, TU Delft has a Coming to Delft Service to help you – and your partner or family, if they join you – to find your way in the Netherlands. They can help you find a place to live, the right school for your children, and they can assist with the formalities. They can also help you to find your way around the Dutch healthcare system. The Partner Career Service and Dual Career Network are also on offer, making it easier for your partner embark on a career in the Netherlands. For more information, visit the Support for International Employees website.

Everyone is welcome
Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are important values at TU Delft and are seen as a pre-condition for excellence and innovation. Everyone is welcome at TU Delft, regardless of their gender, cultural and ethnic background, nationality and age. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives. This is the reason behind TU Delft's Diversity Office, which creates extra awareness of diversity and inclusion and is the primary point of contact for current and future staff and students around these issues.

The Delft Technology Fellowship was created to attract more excellent female academics. There are also various D&I networks and associations active at the university which students and staff can join or with which TU Delft collaborates. More information about diversity and inclusion at TU Delft can be found here.

Delft: city for knowledge, working and living
The enchanting historical city centre of Delft is within walking distance of the campus. Delft is a great place to live and work. The city has scores of cafes and restaurants along its canals and authentic shops and good cinemas in its squares. There is also a lot to see and do in Delft, with regular events such as music festivals and street theatre. The surroundings are fantastic for cycling and walking; various nature areas and woods and beaches are just round the corner. Large, well-known cities including Rotterdam and The Hague are just fifteen minutes away.

TU Delft is easily accessible by public transport, bike or car. More information about working for TU Delft can be found at Why work for TU Delft?