Tenure track for young academics

The TU Delft is searching for academic graduates with several years of research experience (such as postdoc) at an (international) organisation. You have conducted independent research and are open to a scientific career. We are looking for scientists that fill a broad profile with competences in the areas of education, research, valorisation, organisation and leadership.

All new Assistant Professors start with an employment contract based on Tenure Track. You will receive a temporary contract of 6 years. During the Tenure Track, it is determined whether a scientific career at TU Delft suits you and whether you could eventually progress to Associate Professor and/or Professor. This will be decided no later than 5 years. Is the decision positive? Then your temporary employment will be converted into permanent employment. TU Delft offers good opportunities in this regard, in order to eventually be able to grow into a Professorship. There does not have to be an open vacancy for that to happen, but of course, only if you meet certain criteria.

If it turns out that a scientific career at the TU Delft isn’t for you, then you have one year (6th year) to find a position (possibly with support from the TU Delft) within the broader network of the university or elsewhere.

Personal development programme

During your Tenure Track, the TU Delft offers a personal development programme. In the first years of your Tenure Track you will have the opportunity to follow a Personal Development Programme (PDP). At the TU Delft we find it important that our people are educated as all-rounders and to really invest in you. That way, you not only develop on a professional level, but you also have a lot of room for your personal development. The PDP is therefore very broad and consists of various training courses in the field of personal effectiveness, (personal) leadership, time management, managing and guiding PhD students, postdocs and master students, influencing, team building and personal branding.

In addition, during your Tenure Track you also obtain your Basic Teaching Qualification, where you learn all aspects of education, such as the development, implementation and testing of education. There is also assistance with applying for research funding. Very important: along with your supervisors and colleagues you learn to eventually develop your own line of research.

See what your future colleagues are working on. Read TU Delft Stories

See what your future colleagues are working on. Read TU Delft Stories