TU Delft AE Alumni Chapter event in Hamburg on 7 November 2019

On 7 November 2019 the Aerospace Engineering alumni chapter hosted a TU Delft alumni event in Hamburg. AE Alumnus Paul Bogers, Managing Director Fuel Technologies, opened the doors of the Shell Technology Centre for this gathering. The event started with a tour around the facility, where Shell employees explained about Shells way forward to a more sustainable energy sector and the innovations they are working on. 

Mechteld van Beijeren, TU Alumni Relations Coördinator, presented new developments and innovations within the AE faculty. Next, Dr. Arvind Gangoli Rao, Associate Professor at the Flight Performance and Propulsion department, explained his point of view on sustainable aviation and presented current innovative solutions that are designed and developed at the faculty. That sparked an interesting discussion between alumni and students, who were invited as well.

The successful event turned out to be an interesting gathering where everybody got the chance to learn about the energy transition from two different perspectives, and most importantly were able to network with alumni in the region.

With the alumni chapters the faculty want to create a ‘networking hub’ of alumni abroad, as one of the goals of the faculty is to bring our alumni together, anywhere in the world. Next to the Hamburg/Bremen chapter, there are also chapters in Munich and Toulouse.


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