IT Facilities

Study Places

Of course the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering provides the students with extensive computing facilities. Some hundreds of PCs are available. In addition, a wide variety of work stations can be used for today’s advanced CFD and FEM calculations. For the most complex calculations, a Cray T3E super computer is available. Every student also is provided with opportunities to use a free e-mail account and Internet.


The Section of Astrodynamics and Satellite Systems deals with the computation of precise satellite orbits, mission analysis of spacecraft, design aspects of satellite systems, and the application of satellite tracking data and measurements acquired by instruments on board satellites for geodetic, geophysical and oceanographic research.

These measurements and data are used to determine and analyse the earth’s rotation parameters, crustal dynamics phenomena, vertical motions of the earth’s surface, large and medium-scale ocean currents, ocean tides, sea level rise, gravity field models and satellite surface force models.

For the processing of this information, the section has its own extensive network of local computer systems and makes intensive use of the Delft University central computer facilities, including the Cray J90 vector computer and the Cray T3E parallel computing system. The section is heavily involved in exchanging large data sets and computer codes with other international institutes and is a large user of electronic networks.