We want to use our technoscientific knowledge to make a contribution to sustainable, innovative solutions to societal challenges. As a faculty we recognise the great importance of bringing innovation to market. During the last 15 years the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering has been enormously successful in generating TU Delft Start-up companies.

Business Connect Team

Aerospace Engineering students are very creative and entrepreneurial. To give students with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial ambitions a helping hand, in 2016 we are launching a startup programme within the faculty. With this programme the faculty wants to scout, create and support start-ups. Students from the faculties Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) and Electrical Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) can request the Startup Voucher via their own faculty. Those who are interested in an Energy Start-up voucher can apply for one at the Delft Energy Initiative. From September 2019 the doors of the Aerospace Innovation Hub will open. 

Licences and Patents

TU Delft has an impressive patent portfolio, but a patent is only the beginning. A beginning that may lead to a profitable company, or a successful collaboration or a licence agreement.

A selection from the portfolio of the Faculty of aerospace engineering: