Colloquium: Wessel Kruin (FPP)

08 December 2022 09:45 - Location: Lecture Room H, FACULTY OF AEROSPACE ENGINEERING, KLUYVERWEG 1, DELFT | Add to my calendar

Day and Night Contrail Climate Impact of Optimised Trajectories

Contrail formation has a large warming contribution to aviation's climate impact. Measures to mitigate this impact include flight trajectory optimisation to avoid the formation of warming contrails or to deliberately create extra cooling contrails. However, due to the interaction of a contrail with solar radiation, contrails can only have a cooling effect during daytime. To investigate differences between day and night contrail climate impact mitigation, flights were simulated within a climate chemistry model. For winter, results show that daytime mitigation of contrail climate impact has a relatively large dependency on extra cooling contrails and is more eco-efficient than nighttime mitigation. In summer, both day and night mitigation is more effective than in winter. In both seasons daytime mitigation achieves a larger maximum reduction of contrail climate impact than nighttime mitigation. Lastly, results show that differences between day and night contrail climate impact mitigation allow for the enhancement of mitigation results.

Supervisor: Feijia Yin

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