IAWA Scholarship 2022

Call for applications IAWA Scholarship for female students 2022: US$ 5,000 and access to IAWA network of women in aerospace

“This is the time to encourage everyone who maintains the ability to do so to invest in themselves and their future.” Shelley A. Svoren, Leader Development (Next Gen) at the International Aviation Women’s Association.  

The International Aviation Women’s Association (IAWA) is inviting female BSc and MSc students Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft to apply for a scholarship opportunity. IAWA is a US based organization that supports, cultivates and brings together women leaders in the aviation and aerospace fields. Together with a selection committee from the TU Delft, they will select one student who will receive a one-time grant of US$ 5,000 to be used for tuition fees. The deadline for handing in your application is 13 June 2022.  

The IAWA scholarship has given me the chance to connect with likeminded women across the world. Even though, I attended the global conference online, it was a great event to have attended. I have met inspiring women, and have been assigned a mentor, as well. IAWA consists of a very uplifting and positive group of women, each willing to help each other. This mentality is what has inspired me most during the past months.

Leanne van Dam, IAWA Scholarship winner 2021

Who is it for?

  • A female BSc or MSc student Aerospace Engineering enrolled/accepted at TU Delft
  • Who has a good grade point average 
  • A passion for a career in the field of aviation or space 
  • Who could really do with financial support

What do you need to do?

  • (1) Fill in the attached application form: Application Form (PDF)
  • (2) Write an essay that includes an outline of your interests - why you are passionate about aviation, what excites you about your studies, the achievements you are most proud of, what career you are interested in pursuing, the extra-curricular activities you are committed to (e.g. clubs, work, volunteerism), and what this scholarship will mean to you. Your essay must be written . We place high marks on originality and authenticity. Furthermore, you must tell us how you connect with IAWA's commitment to Connect, Inspire and Lead.
  • (3) Send your resume or curriculum vitae to Ineke Boneschansker via i.boneschansker@tudelft.nl
  • (4) Submit samples of your writing (e.g. term papers, theses, articles) or similar works that highlight your technical skills and/or who you are should be included. Creativity in the medium used, such as written format (e.g. published works) or other formats (e.g. video), is valued.
  • (5) Include other supporting documents you wish to submit (e.g. letters of recommendation, school transcripts)

What will happen next?

A selection committee of the faculty will select a maximum of four candidates who will be presented to the scholarship committee of IAWA. The committee will inform the faculty and the winner in July 2022. 

The scholarship fee of US$ 5,000 will be made payable to the TU Delft. It will be used to pay (part of) your tuition fee. 

If you have any questions, please email Ineke Boneschansker via i.boneschansker@tudelft.nl and use "IAWA Scholarship" in the subject line. More information on IAWA can be found on their website: www.iawa.org.

At the faculty, we are committed to stimulate women to study Aerospace Engineering and become leaders in the aviation and space industries. Therefore, we highly recommend this great opportunity. 

Through the IAWA scholarship I have had the privilege to meet an inspiring group of women. Everyone in the aerospace sector is very ambitious, and to see a lot of woman who managed to reach advanced positions in a field that is dominated by man – in engineering in general, not just aerospace – is very impressive. Despite not being able to meet each other in person due to the pandemic, everyone is extremely involved and eager to help each other. I look forward to getting to know more IAWA members and expanding my network in the future.

Giulia Gatti, IAWA Scholarship winner 2020

Giulia Gatti, winner 2020

Because of IAWA I have been able to attend events and to see the rest of the aerospace industry. Of course I have learned how aircraft fly but I haven’t learned what is the legal side, what is the management side and how do they look at today’s problems. Attending the IAWA events has provided a unique opportunity to hear the full story.

Julia Radius, IAWA Scholarship winner 2019.

The IAWA scholarship opens doors to a global network of inspiring women, shaping the future of the aerospace industry. Their empowerment and support made me realize what I am capable of.

Nadine Duursma, IAWA Scholarship winner 2018.
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