This page gives information about the measures taken at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering against the spreading of the coronavirus Covid-19. For all general information concerning the safety measures of the Delft University of Technology, please visit the TU Delft Corona website.

Specific measures for the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

In the updated faculty Corona Plan you can read all the measures that apply specifically to the Faculty of Aerospace. A number of key points:

At the press conference on 2 February, it was announced that the current lockdown and associated measures will be extended until 2 March.

Access to the buildings
Until 2 March 2021 the opening hours of the buildings are as follows: 

  • Main building and HSL: Mon to Fri 7.30 to 18.00 
  • Fellowship: closed until further notice. 

Evening curfew
The cabinet has decided to impose an evening curfew from 21:00 in the evening to 04:30 in the morning. This came into effect on Saturday 23 January 2021. Staff members for who the curfew impacts their work have already been informed about the steps. For more information click here.


  • The practicals can go ahead. Because of measures taken, it is important to coordinate this with the lab managers involved and to discuss the way in which the lab is 'organised' for larger groups of students with the Head of ESA and the Faculty Secretary in advance. This can be done by sending them an e-mail. If any special actions or adjustments are necessary, then the lecturer will hear from one of them.  
  • The labs remain open for graduates who are doing experimental research for their thesis; however, the graduate student or one of the supervisors must request permission in advance in order to be able to regulate access to the building. This should be done with the corona coordinator Joyce ten Berge
  • Vulnerable students are still welcome if they have requested and received a positive advice from the study advisors.
  • Until further notice graduation sessions are fully online only and not at the faculty.
  • Streaming facilities in lecture halls will remain accessible, including support from student assistants.
  • On-campus examinations can still be held on-campus for the time being.
  • Preparations for the second semester are unchanged: regular lectures should be prepared for distance learning and practicals can be prepared for on-campus education (see also 1st point above).


  • The labs remain open for necessary site-specific work. For external companies or guests in the lab, permission should be requested from the corona coordinator, Joyce ten Berge, in advance.

The catering points are closed. There is a food truck at the Fellowship.

Lecturers and support staff needed for educational activities are seen as crucial professions. This means that, as in spring, their children can go to child care, primary schools and extracurricular care. 

We are going through another unpleasant period with each other. Please take care of each other. For example by getting in touch with that one colleague you may not have heard from in a while.

Any questions? 
The corona crisis team still meets online once a week. Do you have any questions? Ask the corona coordinator of the faculty, Joyce ten Berge