Starting points faculty of Aerospace Engineering

  1. We are not allowed to close the university or the faculty. This is prohibited by law. The university is a public place and it will remain open for the time being.
  2. We must also continue to provide education, this too is the law. There is an obligation to make an effort, not an obligation to achieve results. Best effort.
  3. Graduation sessions must also continue. Students are entitled to this.
  4. We will apply the 1.5 m distance rules very strictly. Our faculty Corona Crisis Team and the Management Team play an exemplary role in this.
  5. Announced measures may change or become stricter in the very short term.
  6. Our Faculty Corona Crisis Team (FCCT) has a weekly meeting.
  7. Our FCCT must apply the principles of crisis management, including: Communication (to LR Community) goes through FCCT Chairman, i.e. Dean.
  8. We must keep an eye on the ability to allow critical processes to continue. The staffing of the in-house emergency response team (BHV) is a crucial point in this respect. The BHV- coordinator checks every morning how many BHV-officers are in the building that day. In order to keep the building and facilities open, a minimum number of BHV-officers is required.