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02 March 2021

Prof. Bisagni elected as AIAA Fellow

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has elected Chiara Bisagni, Professor of Aerospace Structures and Computational Mechanics at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft, as one of the Fellows in the Class of 2021 Honorary Fellows and Fellows.

16 February 2021

Royal NLR and TU Delft present vision for route to sustainable air transport

In the white paper published today NLR - Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre and Delft University of Technology present their joint vision on the most promising technologies for achieving a climate neutral air transport system by 2050.

09 February 2021

Irene Fernandez Villegas appointed AE Sustainability Officer

The faculty’s Management Team has appointed Associate Professor Aerospace Structures and Materials Irene Fernandez Villegas in the new role of Sustainability Officer at the faculty.

04 February 2021

Breathing (more) easily through aerospace engineering

A team of researchers, led by Prof. Leroux at ETH Zürich, have developed a new personalized biodegradable 3D printed stent for the windpipe. The scientific publication of the group, including researcher Kunal Masania of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering TU Delft, is published today in Science Advances.

02 February 2021

AIFluids lab, new in the second series of TU Delft AI Labs

Dr. Davide Modesti, assistant professor at the Department of Aerodynamics, Wind Energy, Flight Performance & Propulsion (AWEP) of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering will lead the research into the essence of complex physical flows in air, water or other media.

26 January 2021

Launch first Dutch military nanosatellite

According to the current planning, Virgin Orbit will launch the first Dutch nanosatellite (BRIK-II) to orbit with its upcoming launch mid-March. The satellite is developed in a unique collaboration in commission of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF).

19 January 2021

Appreciating a flower’s texture, color, and shape leads to better drone landings

You may have wondered how a honeybee has such perfect navigation skills.

22 December 2020

TU Delft, the Aerospace Innovation Hub, and Airbus Bizlab expand collaboration

Innovation starts with collaboration. TU Delft, the Aerospace Innovation Hub (AIH), and Airbus Bizlab have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to further expand their close cooperation in the field of startups and innovation.

02 December 2020

TU Delft software for determining contagion risk for specific locations

TU Delft professor of aerodynamics Fulvio Scarano, together with fluid mechanics expert Lorenzo Botto and simulation expert Wouter van den Bos, has developed software to calculate the risk of Covid-19 contagion at specific locations. The model virtually places a sick person in the space in question and simulates how quickly virus particles spread. The TU Delft researchers hope that designers will use the software to make predictions for determining whether an aircraft, classroom or restaurant, for example, is safe. The plug-in will probably become available in February.

10 November 2020

TU Delft maritime hydrogen drone flies longer and greener

Researchers at TU Delft together with the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Dutch Coastguard service developed a hydrogen-powered drone that is capable of vertical take-off and landing whilst also being able to fly horizontally efficiently for several hours, much like regular aircraft.

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