Selection procedure

Selection procedure

The selection procedure is intended to assess how well the applicant matches the educational programme. Important evaluation criteria are the applicant’s motivation and level of academic knowledge and skills. During the selection procedure you go through a number of steps, starting with an online introductory course, a mini-MOOC. After this, you will make two tests: a motivation test and an academic test. The results of both tests are converted into a score, where the academic test is weighted three times heavier than the motivation test. Finally, you are asked to write a short self-reflection.

After this, each participant in the selection process receives a ranking number. The ranking number is based on your score for the tests, where higher scores result in better (= lower) ranking numbers. You will find your number on Studielink from 15 April 2019. If your ranking number falls within the 1-440 range, you will immediately be offered a place on our study program. If not, if your ranking number is higher than the number of seats available (>440), you will have to wait until one of the other candidates declines his or her placement offer. You are allowed to participate in the selection procedure for our bachelor's degree program for a maximum of three times.

For an extensive description of the selection procedure, please read the documents attached at the bottom of this page.

Important dates

Please note that all deadlines are set according to Dutch time (CET 23:59; UTC+1).

15 January 2019: Deadline Studielink registration

In order to participate in the selection procedure, you must register yourself in Studielink no later than 15 January 2019. Students applying with an International Secondary School diploma obtained in the Netherlands or abroad will have to apply before the application deadline in Studielink as well as is in the TU Delft registration system Osiris. Please follow all necessary steps as explained at: Application Procedure Bachelor of Science programmes. All further communication regarding the selection procedure will be done by email to the address you submit in Studielink. 

31 January 2019: Deadline Mini-MOOC

You need to complete the mini-MOOC ‘What is Aerospace Engineering’ no later than 31 January 2019. The mini-MOOC is a 3-hour online introductory course, which is available all-year round. The steps to register yourself for the mini-MOOC can be found here. Make sure to use the same email address that you used for registering in Studielink. We can monitor your progress in this mini-MOOC and you will not receive any confirmation that you completed the mini-MOOC. In case of doubt, you can make a screenshot of results under ‘Progress’ (make sure to include your email address in that screenshot). Applicants who have applied in Studielink, but have not completed the mini-MOOC, will receive a single reminder via email in the week after 15 January 2019.

28 February 2019: Deadline Motivation Test

After having completed the steps above, you will be invited to complete a questionnaire about your motivation and academic attitude. The deadline for filling out this questionnaire is 28 February 2019. Your score will be determined by matching your answers with a reference group of successful students. On 15 February 2019 you will receive a link containing the First-Year Material that you need to study for the Academic Test.

20 March 2019: Deadline Academic Test

From 1 March to 20 March 2019, the Academic Test will be available. The Academic Test consists of three parts (Mathematics, Physics, and the First Year Material), each of which equally contributes to your final score on the criterion Academic Performance. The Academic Test will be online proctored (meaning you and your screen are recorded during the Academic Test to ensure the integrity of the Academic Test). You will receive the link to the test via email. Find the syllabus for the test here. In March, there will also be provided several opportunities to take the Academic Test at the TU Delft campus. After completion of the Academic Test, you have until 29 March 2019 to reflect on your choice for Aerospace Engineering by answering self-reflection questions (max. 500 words).

15 April 2019: Receive ranking number

On 15 April 2019 you will receive your ranking number in Studielink.

For an extensive description of the selection procedure, please read the documents attached at the bottom of this page.

Important note for students with an international diploma:

EU nationality

The deadline for receiving your online confirmation statement and the full payment is 1 July 2019. If you need accommodation TU Delft will determine the order in which students will gain access to the housing portal following a first-paid, first-served procedure, based on when we have received your full payment. 

Non-EU nationality

The deadline for receiving your online confirmation statement and the full payment is 1 July 2019. In order to arrange all services (visa/residence permit/housing/opening bank account) on time you need to be ranked within the fixed capacity before mid-June. The entire visa procedure can take 4-6 weeks in busy times. Under certain unusual circumstances, this process may take even longer. It is therefore in your best interest to meet our requirements in time (preferably before mid-June) to ensure that you arrive in Delft in time for the introduction programme. You may need another 3-4 weeks to pick up your visa at the Dutch Embassy or Consulate-General, due to longer waiting lists for visa appointments in summer.

Relevant documents