Testimonial Noortje Elbers

Hey there, my name is Noortje Elbers, I am 21 years old and I am a 4th year aerospace student finishing my bachelor. I am Dutch and living in Zoetermeer, a small town close to Delft.
I learned about the study through my high school, we needed to enroll ourselves for presentations about different studies, I had never heard about aerospace engineering, but when I saw the study on the list I was immediately intrigued. I listened to the presentation and I knew from that moment that I wanted to study aerospace engineering.

I  was attracted most to the technical aspect of flying, not really in flying itself, I never had the ambitions to become a pilot, but to gain the knowledge and understanding in how that huge airplane is able to fly or how that satellite is being built was really interesting for me and still is.  
I am not an aircraft or spacecraft geek, so it was kind of out of the blue that I wanted to study aerospace engineering. It never came up in my mind that I could become an aerospace engineer, but if aerospace engineering was not on the list, I would probably have visited Delft myself during the Open days and found about aerospace engineering. There was just a click, spark, gut feeling that I wanted to study aerospace, it was not a hard choice for me. Now that I study aerospace, I really enjoy it. The study is actually broader than you think, you learn mathematics, physics, aerodynamics, structures and apply these skills to aerospace related modules.

My experience here at the TU delft is amazing. The freshmen weekend is a good way to make new friends and to start your year. I joined the row society, Proteus, in my first year. During my minor I got the chance to study abroad, I went to Coventry university, England to study aviation management. I had a blast and learned lot of things about that part of the aviation industry. Next to studying I joined several committees of the aerospace study association, VSV Leonardo Da Vinci and participated in activities the VSV organizes. TU delft is a technical university, so yes there are not a lot of women and my friends are therefore mainly male, but that is not a problem for me. You should just enjoy the study and the people associated with it and if you feel comfortable it does not matter with whom you are in the lecture rooms.