Financial support for online education

Application deadline: 15th of June 2023

Eligible courses:

  • Linear Modeling incl. F.E.M
  • Fatigue of Structures & Materials 
  • Design of Lightweight Structures

Start date: 4 September 2023


The faculty of Aerospace Engineering will offer financial support to 10 people living in economically challenged environments who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend the courses provided by TU Delft. The eligible courses start in the first quarter of the 2023/2024 academic year. By offering this financial aid, we hope to make our education more accessible to people worldwide and contribute to an equal spread of educational possibilities. This campaign complies with the UN Sustainable Development Goals that TU Delft has agreed to honour.

Have you always been interested in following an online course at the TU Delft but haven’t had the resources to participate? Fill out the form below and show your motivation to attend our courses. The selected applicants will be notified around mid July 2023. More information about these courses can also be found on our online-learning website.

Eligibility / Terms & Conditions

The financial aid covers 100% of the course fee. The selection procedure has two steps. The first step consists of filling in an online form with more information on your background and motivation. The online form can be found here. The second part will apply to the shortlisted people and will consist of a 15-minute video call with the selection committee to discuss their interest in the selected online course. You will be contacted by email the second half of June/beginning of July to arrange this call.

The aid is ONLY awarded to students living in eligible countries, as presented here.

Some courses have fixed entry requirements; please check if you fulfil these before applying for financial aid. Entry requirements can be found under the Admission tab of each course as presented on the online-learning website.

Application requirements and deadline:

The selection of the successful applicants is based on the proof that they come from a financially challenged environment, that they would not be able to finance their education, and their motivation for following the courses provided by the Aerospace Engineering faculty of TU Delft.

Applications for the first semester 2023-2024 online academic financial aid will be open between the 15th of May and 15th of June 2023. All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply. Successful applicants should commit to completing the course and offer their reflection(s) about the experience on an online survey.

Interested? Click here to complete the application form. The form will open on the 15th of May. Good luck!

For any questions or remarks, please contact