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15 October 2018

TU Delft in EU project on manipulation and exploitation of asteroids for a sustainable use of space

10 October 2018

IAWA Scholarship

IAWA has chosen bachelor's student Nadine Duursma as its 2018 TU Delft scholarship recipient.

08 October 2018

Profile of a Professor

Prof. H.G.C. (Henri) Werij, Dean of the Faculty

05 October 2018

TU Delft Best Graduate Award 2018

The Delft University Fund announced the eight TU Delft Best Graduates 2018.

04 October 2018

Using aircraft as weather stations

To fly safely, aircraft need accurate updates on wind and temperature. But together, aircraft can also act as a sensor network that provides information to make weather models and predictions better, researchers at TU Delft have found. This week they publish their findings in PLOS One.

03 October 2018

Aviation sector submits “Smart and Sustainable” plan to Minister of Infrastructure

Dutch aviation will produce 35% fewer CO2 emissions by 2030.

03 October 2018

TU Delft TV Featuring Faculty Students

In the latest TU Delft TV, master’s students from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering Aerodynamics are constructing and designing their own aircraft in an aircraft factory.

01 October 2018

Using Plasma forces to improve airplane fuel effciency

“Flow is beautiful,” says Marios Kotsonis, expert in fluid mechanics and assistant professor in the Aerodynamics, Wind .....

24 September 2018

Delft drone tests new sense-and-avoid technology in Australian outback

Researchers at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) have developed new technology that enables a drone to record all stationary and moving objects (such as trees, masts, birds of prey, helicopters) during autonomous flight and continuously alter its flight path to avoid them.

16 September 2018

Students win world championship with high-tech recumbent bike

Cyclist Lieke de Cock won the world championship for cycling in the Nevada desert in the US with a speed of 120 km/h.