Ultrafast Laser Diagnostics

Research of the Propulsion and Power group on Mobile Ultrafast Laser Diagnostics at Aero-Propulsion Facilities

  • Simultaneous temperature-, species- and density-field imaging obtained with a single coherent technique 

  • Mobile auto-synchronized femtosecond/picosecond laser system

  • Innovative ultrafast laser diagnostics for probing critical mechanisms of  renewable high-energy carriers (H2 and biofuels) in aero‐propulsion

  • Capability to deliver benchmark experimental data to develop models and improve the fidelity of numerical simulation

Single-shot coherent Raman imaging system

Distributed auto-ignition combustion modes with reduced NOx emission

(photo by: Dr. Arvind Gangoli Rao)

Spray/jet-in-hot-coflow flame

(photo by: Prof. Dirk Roekaerts)

The funding is provided by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences, Personal VIDI grant.

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