Novel Propulsion and Power Concepts

For Next-Gen Green Aircraft

  • New engine system configurations and design methods, e.g.:

    • Turbomachinery with BLI
      (Boundary Layer Ingestion)

    • Engines with Pressure Gain Combustion

  • Novel power units for more electric aircraft

  • Waste heat recovery systems
IDEOVIP: Propulsion and Power System simulation, analysis and optimization software framework
The E-Fan X research platform. Credits: Airbus
NASA’s STARC-ABL turboelectric Plane Concept. Credits: NASA
Concept for a combined cycle Power Unit of next-gen more-electric aircraft. The unit is always in operation, providing all the needed electrical power
Concept of annular heat exchanger for waste heat recovery system
Concept for a combined-cycle engine, mounted in a pod under the wings and providing electricity or mechanical power for propulsion