The vision of the department of Aerospace Structures and Materials is to become the leading incubator of thought and knowledge related to structures and materials for aerospace applications.

Within our department, we contribute to making aviation and spaceflight more sustainable by developing the structures and materials of tomorrow. We work on the creation of new materials, that have a smaller environmental footprint, as well as ways of reusing old materials. We research how to make structures smarter and lighter, to support the transition to new sources of energy. We develop new manufacturing techniques, which use less energy and enable easier recycling.                                                                   

We devise new experimental, analytical, and numerical analysis techniques, to ensure the structural integrity and safety of future air and spacecraft. Using innovative sensing and monitoring technology, supported by AI, we close the gap between the physical and digital world, easing manufacturing and gaining new insight into the health of a vehicle’s structures. Inspired by this research, we equip the next generation of engineers and researchers with an understanding of structures and materials, so they can create impact for a better society.

Meet our people, explore our MSc education, and learn more about our highly advanced structures and materials laboratory.