The NovAM group was established in 2003 in order to provide the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft with a group dedicated to the development of novel aerospace and space materials. The group is truly international in composition and strives to be world leading in the fields of selected expertise.

Currently the group is in a restructuring phase but we are still active in several research areas including: (i) coatings (e.g. self-healing, novel concepts for corrosion protection, hyphenated electrochemistry with image correlation, antiicing), (ii) dynamic polymeric materials for damage control (e.g. self-healing coatings, adhesives, composites) with a strong focus on structure-property relationships, (iii) space materials (e.g. ultrahigh temperature ceramics, regolith for human habitats), and (iv) materials from microbes (e.g. surface protection). You can check specific ongoing topics by clicking on our staff. In our research we explore unconventional approaches, focus on fundamental concepts but also develop successful concepts to a level suitable for absorption by the industry. We have a strong track record in preparing our students for a further career in academic or industrial research.