S.J. Garcia (Santiago)


Chemical Engineer by the Universitat Jaume I and PhD by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) in Spain, Dr Garcia joined the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the TUDelft after one year postdoc at the UPV and 2 years at the 3mE Faculty of the TUDelft. Dr Garcia is currently Ass. Prof. at the Novel Aerospace Materials group and team leader of the Self-Healing Polymeric Materials team. This truly multidisciplinary research team focuses on the development of self-healing polymeric materials (coatings, polymers and composites) and responsive coatings taking into account chemistry, physics, electrochemistry, surface science and mechanics. Current research efforts are directed to the development of: (i) self-healing polymer systems based on a deeper understanding of the role of architecture on healing, (ii) new characterization techniques/protocols to monitor and quantify healing processes and (ii) unconventional smart control release systems for coatings. The research of Dr Garcia is typically sponsored by national, European and company bilateral initiatives. As a result of his academic career Santiago has published 63 articles in peer reviewed journals and 15 book chapters a part from multiple contributions at international conferences.

Besides his research focus Dr Garcia is involved in teaching and students supervision and guidance at BSc and MSc level. Moreover his compromise with the diffusion of science is constant being involved in the organization of scientific conferences (ICSHM, ASST, ISE), acting as reviewer of 10+ international journals, delivering invited talks at conferences and other scientific forums, participating in TV programs (e.g. toekomstmakers from RTLZ) and being member of the NVDO-Materials Taskforce for university-industry knowledge transfer. 

Main research topics

1.      Intrinsic self-healing polymers.
2.      Processable thermosets (e.g. dual networks).
3.      Smart release (e.g. active corrosion protection).
4.      Responsive composites.
5.      Functional fibers.
6.      Corrosion protection.
7.      Unveiling underlying mechanisms of self-healing polymers, coatings and composites.

Courses at TU Delft

AE1108-I          Materials and Structures for Aircraft and Spacecraft (instructor)
AE3200            Design Synthesis Exercise (tutor or coach)
AE4ASM002    Designing materials with aerospace specific properties (instructor)
AE4ASM103    Functional Coatings (responsible instructor)
AE4ASM508    Design of Self-Healing Materials (responsible instructor)
AE4ASM515    Materials characterization (instructor)
AE4020            Literature Study
Profile coordinator of the MSc track at the Department Aerospace Structures and Materials.


2011 – Second poster prize at the 3rd International Conference on Self-Healing Materials, Bath, UK.

2009 - VENI grant by the Dutch Science Council (NWO)

2008 - PhD Extraordinary Prize 2006-2007 by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

2000 – Erasmus fellowship, Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, Spain

Research team awards

2016 - Creativity Award at Coatings Science International conference. Paul Denissen.

2014 - Young Scientist Best Presentation Award at FATIPEC/ETCC. Mina AbdolahZadeh.

2014 - NVVT young scientist award. Mina AbdolahZadeh.

2012 - First poster prize at Materials Science & Engineering conference. Dr. Marek Prajer.

2012 - Second poster prize at Junior Euromat Conference. Christian Mathis.

Associate Professor

Dr. S.J. Garcia