G. Kus (Gawel)


I was born and raised in Wroclaw, Poland. I came to TU Delft in 2014 to pursue a bachelor's degree in Aerospace engineering. After graduating, in 2017, I decided to stay at TU Delft to continue with a master's degree, specializing in aerospace materials, which led me to joining NovAM. I got very interested in quantum computing, and how it could be applied to improve the development of materials. In summer 2018 I joined IBM for an internship in quantum computing (in particular, implementing HHL algorithm).  With this, I got sufficient experience to further explore the applications of quantum computing for materials engineering in my master thesis. I implemented Quantum Gaussian Processes Regression algorithm and showed how it could potentially speed up the data-driven design on an example problem of designing a super-compressible metamaterial. I graduated in 2019, and right now I continue research on quantum computing and materials in my PhD project.

Current Project

In my current project, Iā€™m researching quantum machine learning and quantum optimization algorithms, which could be applied in the development of materials e.g in tasks such as topology optimization (metamaterials) or data-driven design. Iā€™m also interested in the development of new classical approaches combining machine learning and optimization (gradient-free optimization, neural reparametrization) with a potential for converting to quantum computing algorithms.

PhD Researcher

G. Kus MSc.