ATOS 2015

 Monday, July 20, 2015
8:00 - 8:45Registration with coffee
8:45 - 9:00Opening Ceremony (LR-B)
9:00 - 10:00Keynote Speech (LR-B)
prof. He Ren (COMAC)
 Session 1
10:00 - 11:001.1 (LR-F)1.2 (LR-G)
 Network OperationsATM Simulation and Decision Support Systems
11:00 - 11:30Coffee Break (Location: LR Restaurant)
 Session 1 - continued
11:30 - 12:301.1 (LR-F)1.2 (LR-G)
 Network OperationsATM Simulation and Decision Support Systems
12:30 - 13:30Lunch
13:30 - 14:30Keynote Speech (LR-C)
Stephan Hollman (PACAVI Group)
 Session 2
14:30 - 15:002.1 (LR-F)2.2 (LR-G)2.3 (LR-H)
 Long-haul Flight OperationsAirport Planning, Design & OperationsIMAPP-1: Inspection / Structural Health Monitoring
15:00 - 15:30Coffee Break (LR Restaurant)
 Session 2 - continued
15:30 - 16:302.1 (LR-F)2.2 (LR-G)2.3 (LR-H)
 Long-haul Flight OperationsAirport Planning, Design & OperationsIMAPP-1: Inspection / Structural Health Monitoring
17:00 - 18:00Reception
 Tuesday, July 21, 2015
08:25 - 08:30Opening Day 2 (LR-B)
08:30 - 09:15Keynote Speech (LR-B)
dr. Bob Graham (Eurocontrol)
09:15 - 10:00Keynote Speech (LR-B)
dr. Rob de Graaf (Philips)
 Session 3
10:00 - 11:003.1 (LR-F)3.2 (LR-G)09:00 - 10:45*ASDA-1 (LR-H)*
 Simulation and Modeling of Airport OperationsIMAPP-2: SHM & Design Validation / TestingHigh Performing Airport Operations
11:00 - 11:30Coffee Break (Location: LR Restaurant)
 Session 3 - continued
11:30 - 12:003.1 (LR-F)3.2 (LR-G)11:15 - 12:30*ASDA-2 (LR-H)*
 Simulation and Modeling of Airport OperationsIMAPP-2: SHM & Design Validation / TestingOptimised ATM Network Management
12:00 - 13:15Lunch
13:15 - 14:00Keynote Speech (LR-B)
ASDA keynote
 Session 4
14:00 - 15:004.1 (LR-F)4.2 (LR-G)14:00 - 15:15*ASDA-3 (LR-H)*
 Air Transport SystemsAirport Capacity & EfficiencyAdvanced Air Traffic Services
15:00 - 15:30Coffee Break (Location: LR Restaurant)
 Session 4
15:30 - 16:304.1 (LR-F)4.2 (LR-G)15:15 - 17:00*ASDA-4 (LR-H)*
 Air Transport SystemsAirport Capacity & EfficiencyEnabling Aviation Infrastructure
16:30 - 17:15Travel to canal tour
17.15 - 18.15Canal tour Delft
18.15 - 19.00Free time
19:00 - 23:00Conference Banquet (Prinsenhof, Delft)
21.00 - 22:00 Awards Ceremony
 Wednesday, July 22, 2015
08:25 - 08:30Opening Day 3 (LR-B)
08:30 - 09:15Keynote Speech  (LR-B)
Thomas Omondi (Kenya Airways)
09:15 - 10:00Keynote Speech  (LR-B)
dr. Ruud Balkenende (Philips)
 Workshop sessions
10:00 - 11:00W.1 (0.07)W.2 (LR-C)W.3 (LR-D)
Air Mercury (IATA / TUD)Playtime! (NLR - serious gaming)Future Airport (HvA)
11:00 - 11:30Coffee Break
 Session 5
11:30 - 12:305.1 (LR-F)5.2 (LR-G)5.3 (LR-H)
Cost-Benefit & Life Cycle AnalysisATM Capacity & EfficiencySafety & Security
12:30 - 14:00Lunch
 Session 6
14:00 - 15:006.1 (LR-F)6.2 (LR-G)6.3 (LR-H)
 Cost-Benefit & Life Cycle AnalysisATM Capacity & EfficiencyIMAPP-3: Design Validation / In-service support
15:00 - 15:30Coffee Break (LR Restaurant)
 Session 6 - continued
15:30 - 16:306.1 (LR-F)6.2 (LR-G)6.3 (LR-H)
 Cost-Benefit & Life Cycle AnalysisATM Capacity & EfficiencyIMAPP-3: Design Validation / In-service support
17:00 - 18:00Closing session & reception (LR-B)
18:00 - 23.00 Organising Committee final debrief
* ASDA timetable slightly differs from general timetable; please refer to the overview of sessions for detailed information
Note: Activity locations are given between parentheses!
The main location for CATO 2015 is TU Delft, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, 2629 HS Delft, The Netherlands


  Monday, July 20 2015 
 Academic Session 1
 Session 1.1: Network OperationsSession 1.2: ATM Simulation and Decision Support Systems 
 Monday 20-07, 10:00 - 11:00, 11:30 - 12:30 (LR-F)Monday 20-07, 10:00 - 11:00, 11:30 - 12:30 (LR-G) 
 Chair: Volker Gollnick & René VerbeekChair: Michael Schultz & Dries Visser 
10:00C. Bil, M. WalshD. Nieuwenhuisen, A. Maij, R. Aalmoes 
 ly-In/Fly-Out Operations in AustraliaSerious games to advance change in ATM  
10:30X. Sun, S. WandeltO.J.D. Barrowclough, H.E. Swendgaard, T. Dokken, O. Andersen 
 Assessment of Node Importance in Air Transportation Networks using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis TechniquesGeometric Modelling for 3D Support to Remote Tower Operations 
11:30Y. Li, B. Santos, R. CurranN. Masotti, F. Persiani 
 ATM network performance evaluation and optimization using complex network theory Gaze-coupled Perspective for Enhanced Human-Machine Interfaces in Aeronautics 
12:00H. Udluft, R. Curran  
 Decentralization in air traffic management  
 Academic Session 2
 Session 2.1: Long-haul Flight OperationsSession 2.2: Airport Planning, Design & OperationsSession 2.3: IMAPP-1: Inspection / Structural Health Monitoring
 Monday 20-07, 14:30 - 15:00, 15:30 - 16:30 (LR-F)Monday 20-07, 14:30 - 15:00, 15:30 - 16:30 (LR-G)Monday 20-07, 14:30 - 15:00, 15:30 - 16:30 (LR-H)
 Chair: Xiaoqian Sun & Bruno SantosChair: Anneloes Maij & Paul RolingChair: Amine Boughalem & Wim Verhagen
14:30R.J.D. VerbeekL. GrabnerS. Holmann
 Establishing a single fixed route for multiple flights connecting within a dual-hub networkAnalysis of General Aviation procedures and their interactions with scheduled commercial flights at airportsAIAA - IMAPP overview
15:30T. Marks, F. Linke, V. GollnickC. Bil, A.N. GebreegziabherMahender Reddy
 Evaluation of potential fuel savings by introducing formation flight on a North Atlantic scenarioSecondary Airports for Scheduled RPT Services for High Density, Short-Haul Routes: A Case StudyNondestructive Inspection for Composite Aerospace Structures
16:00S. Matthes, V. Grewe, T. Champougny, O.A. Sovde, C. Frömming, S. Brinkop, E. IrvineS. Kern, Y. Guenther, T. GerzS.Holmann
 Mitigation potential of climate-optimal trajectory planning in the North Atlantic Flight corridorImproved airport operations planning by using tailored forecasts of severe weather Aerostarr Data Model
  Tuesday, July 21 2015 
 Academic Session 3
 Session 3.1: Simulation and Modeling of Airport OperationsSession 3.2: IMAPP-2: SHM & Design Validation / TestingSession 3.3: ASDA-1: High Performing Airport Operations
 Tuesday 21-07, 10:00 - 11:00, 11:30 - 12:00 (LR-F)Tuesday 21-07, 10:00 - 11:00, 11:30 - 12:00 (LR-G)Tuesday 21-07, 09:00 - 10:45 (LR-H)
 Chair: Olaf Milbredt & Sander HartjesChair: Mahender Reddy & Viswanath Dhanisetty 
10:00M.M. Mota, P. Scala, C.Z. AlcarazS.HolmannOpening & 1st Match: High Performing Airport Operations
 Assessing the future TMA Capacity of Lelystad AirportStructural Health Monitoring 
10:30E.E. Mendoza Dorantes, C.Z. Alcaraz, M.M. MotaS. HolmannSession 3.4: 3.4
   ASDA-2: Optimised ATM Network Management (Tuesday 21-07, 11:15 - 12:30)
 Simulating Airport Capacity: Mexico City Airport CaseStructured Aircraft Maintenance Objectivity Domains 
11:30 A. Boughalem2nd Match: Optimised ATM Network Management
  Integrated testing techniques for laboratory, flight and ground tests
 Academic Session 4
 Session 4.1: Air Transport SystemsSession 4.2: Airport Capacity & EfficiencySession 4.3: ASDA-3: Advanced Air Traffic Services
 Tuesday 21-07, 14:00 - 15:00, 15:30 - 16:30 (LR-F)Tuesday 21-07, 14:00 - 15:00, 15:30 - 16:30 (LR-G)Tuesday 21-07, 14:00 - 15:15 (LR-H)
 Chair: Cees Bil & Wenjing zhaoChair: Michael Schultz & Dries Visser 
14:00O. Milbredt, F. Rudolph, E. Grunewald, T. ChristL. Kosanke3rd Match: Advanced Air Traffic Services
 Modelling and Evaluating Intermodal Traffic Management Structures involving Airports and RailwaysKey Performance Indicators for Performance-Based Airport Management from the perspective of airport operations
14:30W. Zhao, R. Curran, H.A. AbbassS. Kern
 Dynamic Capacity-Demand Balance in Air Transport Systems Using Co-evolutionary Computational Red TeamingDevelopment of a generic airport for determining runway capacity 
15:00O. Milbredt, S. RadivojevicC. Evertse, H.G. VisserSession 4.4
ASDA-3: Enabling Aviation Infrastructure
Tuesday 21-07, 15:15-17:00
 New Approach for Assistance of Air Transport Operators Based on Passenger Perception and Stakeholder PolicyReal-Time Airport Surface Movement Planning, Minimizing Aircraft Emissions and Fuel Burn
15:30A. Malik, F. LinkeE.Silva and R.Cruz4th Match: Enabling Avation Infrastructure
Wrap-up session & closure
 Evaluation of Equivalent of Level of Safety for Civil and Commercial Applications of Remotely Piloted Aircraft SystemsForecasts Of Scheduled Passenger Traffic For New Airports With Limited Data
  Wednesday, July 22 2015 
 Academic Session 5
 Session 5.1: Cost-Benefit & Life Cycle AnalysisSession 5.2: ATM Capacity & EfficiencySession 5.3: Safety & Security
 Wednesday 22-07, 11:30 - 12:30 (LR-F)Wednesday 22-07, 11:30 - 12:30 (LR-G)Wednesday 22-07, 11:30 - 12:30 (LR-H)
 Chair: Michael Schultz & Wim VerhagenChair: Hugo Jonge & Heiko UdluftChair: Gerold Tabken & Alexei Sharpanskykh
11:30V.S.V. Dhanisetty, W.J.C. Verhagen, R. CurranR. van Casteren, K. El Sioufy, A. Naorniakowski, A. Bruggeman, H. UdluftN. Karanikas, R.J. de Boer, P. Soltani and A. Roelen
 Multi-objective optimization of maintenance intervals from a cross-industrial perspectiveSimulation of mid-air encounters depending on air traffic density using the OSSAR simulatorEvaluating Advancements in Accident Investigations Using a Novel Framework
12:00S. AndonovP.R. MarkO. Milbredt, J. Strer
 Missing points regarding QMS and SMS in the airlines and MROsThe Role of Delays in the Efficiency Analysis of Air Traffic Management SystemsKey Performance Indicator for Security Measurement at Airports
 Academic Session 6
 Session 6.1: Cost-Benefit & Life Cycle AnalysisSession 6.2: ATM Capacity & EfficiencySession 6.3: IMAPP-3: Design Validation / In-service support
 Wednesday 22-07, 14:00 - 15:00, 15:30 - 16:30 (LR-F)Wednesday 22-07, 14:00 - 15:00, 15:30 - 16:30 (LR-G)Wednesday 22-07, 14:00 - 15:00, 15:30 - 16:30 (LR-H)
 Chair: Sasho Andonov & Bruno SantosChair: Ron Seljée & Dries VisserChair: Raj Nangia & Xiaojia Zhao
14:00T. Standfuss, M. Kreuz, M. SchultzE. Damhuis, H. de Jonge, R. Seljee, H.G. VisserM. Johst
 Multidimensional Benchmarking of Air Navigation Service ProvidersOptimising Air Traffic Flow ManagementState of the Art Testing Process
14:30K. Keenan, B.F. Santos, R. CurranH. de Jonge, H.G. Visser, R. SeljéeG. Tabken
 Development of a Framework for Real-Time Customer Based PricingOptimizing and Prioritizing Air Traffic Flow Management in a European ScenarioHuman Factors in aviation - focus on Human Error
15:30  R. Nangia
   Efficient Tankers & Logistics for Introducing Air to Air Refuelling (AAR) into Civil Aviation
16:00  R. Nangia
   Efficient Tankers & Logistics for Introducing Air to Air Refuelling (AAR) into Civil Aviation



Sponsors and support

Sponsored and supported by

Travel & Accomodation

Travel from airports to Delft

From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) you can best take the train to Delft station via Leiden and the Hague HS station (not CS!), where you need to transfer. The train takes about 45 minutes, depending on the connection. A one way ticket, which can be purchased on Schiphol Plaza, costs about 9 euros. The closest station to the faculty of Aerospace Engineering is Delft Zuid (South) station.

Dutch Railway Journey Planner

From to Rotterdam - the Hague Airport (RTM), which is situated about 10 kilometres from Delft, you can use the regular bus connection with Rotterdam Central Station (nr. 33) and get a bus or train from there or get off at bus stop "de Lugt" and transfer to bus 40. This bus stops the faculty of Aerospace Engineering.

If you would prefer to take a taxi: the taxi rank is located outside the arrivals area.

Public Transport Journey Planner (including rail)

Travel to Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology

The faculty of Aerospace Engineering is located at Kluyverweg 1, 2629 HS in Delft.

The travel directions to get to the faculty of Aerospace Engineering by car or train from Delft South station can be found here. A map with an overview of the Delft University of Technology campus can be found here. The faculty of Aerospace Engineering is marked with number 62. For other public transport options, use the Public Transport Journey Planner.

Hotels in Delft

Rates are only available through website, email or phone of the hotel itself with mention of CATO 2015 / CE 2015.

HotelemailphonewebsiteApproximate rate. excl. room tax € 2.45 p/p per night. incl. breakfast
Hampshire Hotel Delft Centrereservations@
€ 102.- single. € 112.- double room30 rooms reserved till 31 May
Hotel Julianainfo@
+31152567612  http://www.hotel
€ 67.50 single room. € 85.00 double room15 rooms reserved till 15 June
Hotel Leeuwenbrugsales@
€ 62.10 single. € 76.50 double roomonly available through own website
Museum Hotel Best Westerninfo@
€ 79.20 single.  € 87.20 double roombased on availability
Hotel de Plataaninfo@
€ 94.50 single room. € 103.50 double room15 rooms reserved till 31 May a.s. 
Wescord Hotel delft@
€ 102.- single room. € 116.50 double room20 rooms reserved till 31 May
Conferences in Air Transport & Operations

Conferences in Air Transport & Operations

The conferences in air transport and operations will be run in conjunction with:

  • 5th International Air Transport and Operations Symposium
  • the 22nd ISPE Concurrent Engineering Conference.
  • the 3rd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Science for Innovative Air Traffic Management (ISIATM)
  • 6th Association of Scientific Development of ATM in Europe (ASDA) Seminar
  • AIAA International Meeting for Aircraft Product Support Processes (IMAPP)

 The symposium will be organized and hosted by the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Delft University of Technology, in Delft, The Netherlands.

Key dates

Key dates

Abstract submission

  •    28 February 2015 (extended from 30 January)

Author notification

  •     4 March 2015 (was 14 February)

Full paper submission

  •     10 April 2015

Final paper submission

  •     29 May 2015

Call for papers (PDF download)

CATO 2015 Call for Papers

CATO 2015 Call for Papers

Call for Abstracts

You are invited to submit an abstract on any of a range of topics covering air transport operations. Abstracts (400 words) can be submitted through e-mail to before 30 January 2015.

CATO 2015 template (not for ISPE CE2015), use to gather and save information before submitting.

CATO 2015 abstract and paper submission (Easychair)

ATOS Paper Template (word)

ATOS Paper Template (LaTex)

An abstract template for ISPE CE2015 will be made available soon.

ISPE CE2015 abstract and paper submission (Easychair)

Abstract acceptance will be communicated before 14 February 2015.

Please make sure to include in your submission the following:

  • Your contact details
  • Title of the abstract
  • Preference for conference track (ATOS, IMAPP or ISIATM)
  • Name and affiliation of all (co-)authors
  • Name and affiliation of the presenter

Full paper

After abstract acceptance, the authors will be invited to submit a full written paper. The submission deadline is 14 February 2015. Papers will be peer-reviewed and the final revised paper will be included in the ATOS conference proceedings. In addition, authors of excellent papers are invited to submit an augmented manuscript to the Journal of Aerospace Operations (published by IOS Press): the world’s first journal dedicated to the domain of aerospace operations.

Oral presentations

Oral paper presentations take place in chaired sessions and are 25 minutes in length including questions and answering time.

A no-paper-no-podium policy is applied.

Topic areas:

Capacity & Efficiency

  • Optimization of processes
  • Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)
  • Airport congestion, capacity management and ATM
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Small and regional airport development
  • Congestion problems at major airports
  • System modeling & integration methodologies
  • Traffic flow management

Cost & Benefit

  • Revenue Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lean process asessment
  • Innovative business models, business trajectories and e-business
  • Seamless travel (passengers, cargo, baggage)


  • Air transport noise
  • Emission Trading Scheme & CO2-management
  • Sustainable innovation and enterprise
  • Local air quality

Safety & Security

  • Human machine interface
  • Collision avoidance
  • Certification and failure modes
  • Emerging technologies
  • Software reliability
  • Third party risk
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Pro-active safety management systems
  • Safety as a strategic value in decision making
  • Safety investigation methodology
  • Resilience engineering
  • Forensic engineering
  • Aviation security


  • Sustainable operations of airlines and airports
  • Material/parts requirement planning
  • Maintenance management & location planning
  • Knowledge management


Service Support & Life Cycle Analysis

  • No-Fault-Found (NFF)
  • End-of-life services
  • Special Purpose Aircraft (SPA)
  • Aircraft refurbishment/retrofit
  • Maintenance of new materials
  • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Supportability (RAMS)
  • Forecasting maintenance
  • Maintenance scheduling optimization
  • Contextualized documentation
Registration fees

Registration fees

Early rates (until 22 June 2015)

  • Normal: € 325.- (+ €75 conference dinner)
  • PhD student: € 75.- (+ €75 conference dinner)
  • MSc Student: € 25.-

Late rates (after 22 June 2015)

  • Normal: € 525.- (+ €75 conference dinner, if available)
  • PhD student: € 100.- (+ €75 conference dinner, if available)
  • MSc Student: € 50.-

Registration will open later.