The DASML lab is accessible for people with different technical backgrounds and experience. This combined with advanced machines, complicated tests and the amount of activities gives the need of structure, guide lines and safety rules.

This information is presented in the mandatory “DASML Safety & Information Briefing”, which is proven to be helpful and helps to make a “Flying start”.

Instructions for the online Safety Training for the DASML lab:

  • Login at:
  • Become a member of the LR-DASML-users (see menu) with your
  • After that you can do the 5 parts of the Safety Training

As soon as you passed the test and you want access to the lab, please send an email to Gemma van der Windt ( with:

  • Your full name
  • Employee/student number
  • From/until you need access
  • Room numbers (besides the lab) you need access to

In case of any questions, please contact Gemma.

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