Wall Turbulence

Our work spans the investigation of fundamental physics of aerodynamic flows near surfaces (wall-bounded turbulence), covering both adiabatic and isothermal walls. We study active and passive methods to control these types of flows, using a combination of experiments and numerical simulations. With a sound understanding of the potential aerodynamic performance gain of subsystems (e.g., surfaces, aft bodies, airfoils), our goal is to contribute to the design of future, more efficient and sustainable, transport vehicles.

Current research projects

Current research projects are covering the following areas:

  • Passive flow control with permeable surface treatments
  • Real-time active flow control of large-scale structures
  • Drag reduction applications in ZPG boundary layers
  • Separation delay applications in APG boundary layers
  • High-Reynolds-number wall-bounded turbulence
  • Convective heat transfer
  • Compressible turbulent boundary layers

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Involved Professors