PhD Poster Day 2013

This year the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering organizes an event dedicated to all its PhD candidates. On 16th April 2013 a Poster Day will take place where all PhD students will illustrate their research project by a poster. The objective of this event is to promote the visibility of the PhD research at faculty level, foster the exchange of information and strengthen the PhD community as a social group.

The event is meant for all PhDs as well as the scientific staff. Supervisors and promoters are expected to join the discussion around the posters. Moreover, BSc and MSc students will be invited to join so to catch their interest in the PhD research performed at Aerospace Engineering.

Winners poster presentation

1st price: John-Alan Pascoe, Damage tolerance of adhesively bonded structures
2nd price: Sathiskumar A Ponnusami, Modelling of self-healing thermal barrier coating
3rd price: Freddy Morinière, Low-velocity impact on fibre-metal laminates