PhD Scientific Event 2021

On the February 26th 2021, the annual PhD Academic Event of AE for the first time took place in a fully digital format. As in previous years, the event was jointly organized by the PhD Board AE and the Graduate School AE to give PhD candidates the opportunity to present their research to the rest of the faculty.

Since an in-person event was out of the question due to the COVID-19 pandemic, participants prepared short videos about their research, which were shared in the week leading up to the event. By voting for their favorite videos, the candidates themselves determined which videos were shown during the live event, with a chance to win prizes for the best submission. The winners of the finals were Salil Luesutthiviboon from C&O (1st Place), Kushal Kempaiah from AWEP (2nd Place) and Christopher Teruna from AWEP (3rd Place).

The live event was hosted by Dora Klindžić and Sven Pfeiffer from the PhD Board. Our dean, Prof.dr. Henri Werij, gave the opening speech to the event and a great keynote speech was given by Muriel Richard, Co-founder and Chief Engineer of Clearspace One SA. After the event, there was some time to socialize in Breakout rooms with drinks and snacks that were delivered to the participants beforehand.

The event was a great success with over 140 people attending and more than 120 video submissions, all of which can still be watched on Vimeo.

1st Place: Salil Luesutthiviboon

2nd Place: Kushal Kempaiah

3rd Place: Christopher Teruna