PhD Social Event 2021

After a long working-from-home period, it was time to bring the PhD candidates of Aerospace Engineering together again for a social gathering. On 17 September 2021, the annual PhD Social Event of Aerospace Engineering took place at Outdoor Valley in Bergschenhoek. In the afternoon, approximately 85 PhD candidates participated in sporty activities and had the opportunity to meet new colleagues from all departments.

The PhD candidates could choose from 5 activities, including climbing, canoeing, ultimate frisbee, raft building and survival. While canoeing and frisbee offered some more relaxed group activities in the sunny weather, the people participating in the survival run urgently needed a new set of clothes and a shower afterwards. Nevertheless, teamwork was key in all disciplines. After the activities, everyone gathered near the water for a BBQ and drinks, enjoying the final sunshine of the day.

The PhD Council received a lot of positive feedback from the participants, saying the afternoon was a great opportunity to meet new colleagues, especially for those who started their PhD during the lockdown. Looking back, it can be concluded that the event was a success!

Special thanks to the AE Graduate School for helping with the organisation of this event!