PhD symposium 2016-2017

Aerospace Engineering PhD Symposium

Thursday 19th January 2017


In January 2017 the Graduate School of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (GSAE) will organise the first PhD Symposium. The aim of this event is to promote the visibility of the PhD research at faculty level, communicate our research on a  nterdisciplinairy level, foster the exchange of information and strengthen the PhD community as a group.

Therefore the Faculty Graduate School offers the opportunity to all our PhD candidates to present their research project through a 15 minutes presentation. It is strongly encouraged that the presentations are given such that they can spark discussions and might lead to cooperations with other PhDs or researchers.

*In case you are prevented from participating, please inform the Graduate School Director, Prof. Dick Simons, by e-mail with a valid reason.

In preparation towards the symposium you need to submit an abstract subject to the following conditions:

  • 1/4 page abstract describing the topic
  • Including 5 keywords that summarises the work and the field of research
  • Deadline: Monday 31st October, submit to your PhD-council representative

To ensure that all presentations meet the same requirements we ask you to commit to the following aspects:

  • 10 minutes presentation, with accompanying PowerPoint presentation
    *PhD research topic including findings so far (first year PhDs: this can also be a summary of your literature research)
  • Prepare for a 5 minutes ‘Question & Answer’ session
  • Use of props and audiovisuals to support the intended message is allowed
  • Limit the number of slides to a maxiumum of 10

Interdisciplinary parallel sessions will be formed and the best presentation per session will be awared with a price. Of course, there is a free lunch for all participants. Moreover all presenters will receive 1 GS point. Further details will be distributed within the next comings weeks.

Please feel free to invite interested parties to this event. We look forward to meeting you all,

Graduate School of Aerospace EngineeringProfessor Dick Simons, Director GSAESvenja Woicke, Chairman PhD-council GSAEGeeta van der Zaken, Office GSAE


Topic Name Abstract titel
1 Observation techniques Dennis Dolkens In-Orbit Phasing of a Segmented Deployable Telescope
2 Gas dynamics Tim Visser GOCE Torque Modelling and Thermospheric Density and Wind Extraction
3 Numerical modelling Gourav Mahapatra Investigating occurrence of circular ring patterns in the ground based polarization signals from Venus
4 Propulsion Tom Stokkermans The pusher propeller and its hub vortex drag
5 Control Ewoud Smeur Guidance and Control of a Swarm of Hybrid Drones
6 Performance Ivan Miletović A Framework to Quantify Rotorcraft Flight Simulation Motion Fidelity
7 RAMS, Reliability, availability, maintenance, safety Nikos Koutras Influence of temperature on the strength of resistance welded thermoplastic composites joints
8 Design & manufacturing Wouter Post Self-healing fibre reinforced polymer composites characterized by destructive and non-destructive  techniques
9 Trajectories Kimberly McGuire Swarm Exploration with Pocket Drones
10 Extreme environments Dirk Van Baelen Haptic Feedback for Flight Envelope Protection
11 Environmental impact Niels Reurings Towards a composite car exhaust
12 Aeroacoustics & climate effects Nando van Arnhem Aerodynamic installation effects of tail mounted tractor propellers