Adhesion Institute

The Adhesion Institute is the specialist in adhesion and adhesive bonding and combines knowledge from various disciplines (Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering and Civil Engineering) in this field. Because of this, the Adhesion Institute, is the link between University and other companies and institutes


The Institute conducts research into subjects such as adhesion between metals and polymers, polymer-metal composites and the preparatory treatment of metallic and polymer surfaces.

It also offers the industry advice on issues relating to sustainability and strength, testing of bonded structures and the choice and treatment of materials.


For more information you can contact us by email: or take a look at the website.

For more information about the research project in collaboration with the NICAS, see their website.


Dr. J.A. Poulis, Directeur
Experimenteel fysicus en werktuigbouwkundige
Expertise in het voorbehandelen en lijmen van kunststoffen
015 2787193