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AI, data and digitalisation are becoming ever more essential for solving important scientific and social issues, which is why TU Delft is so active in this field, carrying out research into AI, data and digitalisation and also using them in other research. The role of these technologies in the teaching and valorisation activities at TU Delft is also growing. For the university to excel in all these topics, the TU Delft AI Initiative has been founded to coordinate and act as a single point of contact.  

The TU Delft AI Initiative is a university wide programme and functions as a platform for AI, data and digitalisation (-related) research, education and innovation at TU Delft. We work closely with all eight faculties on the three core tasks of the university: education, research, and valorisation. Since 1 December 2020 prof.dr.ir. Geert-Jan Houben is Pro Vice-Rector Magnificus of Artificial Intelligence, Data and Digitalisation (PVR AI). In this role he leads the TU Delft AI Initiative and promotes regional, national and international co-operation on this theme. 

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Geert-Jan Houben
Pro Vice Rector AI, Data & Digitalisation

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Executive Secretary

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Community manager

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Marketing & communication

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Communication & press

Anouschka Versleijen 
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