We participate in major national and international networks related to research and education in AI, Data & Digitalisation. We actively contribute and, where possible, lead in the following initiatives.

VSNU Digital Society

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has brought together 30 leading professors from all fourteen universities to address the many pressing questions raised by the emergence of a digital society. The professors work together in the Digital Society programme and support the Netherlands to develop technologies and applications that serve societal goals and interests, and which can be an example to all.


Dutch AI Coalition

The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) aims to stimulate, support and where necessary organize the Dutch activities in AI. The NL AIC wants the Netherlands to be able to participate in the frontrunners in Europe in the field of knowledge and application of AI, for the benefit of prosperity and well-being while respecting Dutch and European norms and values.



ICAI, the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence, is a national network aimed at technology and talent development between knowledge institutes, industry, and government in the area of artificial intelligence.



The Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe strives for excellence across all of AI, for all of Europe, with a Human-Centred Focus. The 362 research groups and institutions that form the CLAIRE Research Network are committed to working together towards realising the vision of CLAIRE: European excellence across all of AI, for all of Europe, with a human-centred focus.



The goal of Humane AI is to harness the emergence of enabling technologies for human-level interaction to empower individuals and society, by providing new abilities to perceive and understand complex phenomena, to individually and collectively solve problems, and to empower individuals with new abilities for creativity and experience.



The ELLIS mission is to create a diverse European network that promotes research excellence and advances breakthroughs in AI, as well as a pan-European PhD program to educate the next generation of AI researchers. ELLIS also aims to boost economic growth in Europe by leveraging AI technologies.

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