Regional Collaboration

The Leiden•Delft•Erasmus AI Alliance

Our regional AI alliance combines the forces of TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University, together with the university medical centres of Erasmus MC and LUMC. Within this regional collaboration we:

  • unite AI scientists in the province of Zuid-Holland, combining strong fundamental academics in AI with academics who innovate science and society with AI.
  • manage a large-scale educational programme in Zuid-Holland dedicated to strengthening the knowledge and skills in this field, with a potential reach of ± 85.000 students in the humanities, exact sciences, social sciences, technical and medical sciences. Within this joint educational programme we provide 1) world-class education for innovation within the key technologies (in AI), and 2) training in fields, spread across all three universities and the UMC’s, that increasingly use AI as an instrument (with AI).
  • establish AI-labs that enable intensive collaboration of academics in AI with academics who are active in areas of innovation with AI. These interdisciplinary academic bridges have both a research and an educational focus. The AI-labs also provide a strong scientific base for strategic collaboration with external academic, public or private organisations.
  • offer combined valorisation support.