Design @ Scale Lab

Humans and AI tackle problems together

AI enables us to harness unprecedented amounts of data, which opens up opportunities for tackling major societal problems in areas such as health, well-being and mobility. To make AI really useful, we need to combine the creative power of humans and the analytical capabilities of computers in new ways. Therefore, the Design at Scale Lab will develop new methods for Hybrid Intelligence (HI): the combination of artificial and human intelligence.

The central question is: how can designers, experts and societal stakeholders work together with AI to prepare, realise and evaluate design interventions? Our goal is to reduce the complexity of designing for large-scale social interventions. To answer the research question, we will orchestrate large-scale design activities involving people, data and machines, collect data on effective design interventions and investigate how to predict their impact.

The Design at Scale Lab's research will lead to new methods for integrating Participatory Design, Crowd Computing, and AI, and will ultimately enable designers to better address complex social problems.