TU Delft’s education in subjects related to AI, data & digitalisation is covered in core BSc and MSc programmes (i.e. education in AI, data & digitalisation), in cross-programme training, and in collaborative education combining research foundations with scientific and societal challenges (for programmes that seek to advance their subject with AI, data & digitalisation).

BSc-level education in Artificial Intelligence, Data & Digitalisation

At TU Delft, a significant amount of relevant education on AI, data & digitalisation is already embedded in the BSc programme Computer Science & Engineering. There is also a minor programme in Computer Science that has a strong focus on data analytics and software.

We are looking into extending our educational programme with:

  • a BSc minor in Artificial Intelligence & Technology
  • various BSc courses and projects in the field of AI, data & digitalisation
  • a Teach the Teacher programme

MSc-level education in Artificial Intelligence, Data & Digitalisation

TU Delft’s Artificial Intelligence education on the MSc level currently includes:

  • Two AI-related MSc tracks offered by Computer Science at the faculty of EEMCS:
    • a Data Science and Technology track focused on sophisticated data analysis techniques including machine learning.
    • an Artificial Intelligence Technology track focused on the engineering of AI software systems. Students can enrol in this track from September 2020 onwards.
  • an MSc programme in Robotics offered by the faculty of 3mE from September 2020 onwards. Initially, this MSc programme will focus on the 3mE bachelor population. In the following years we will also welcome students from more diverse bachelor programmes, for whom we will provide bridging programmes when needed.
  • the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) offers courses on responsible computer engineering and ethics of specific AI technologies. These courses are especially relevant given societal concerns about the often-unanticipated negative effect of AI. Additionally, TPM has the ambition to develop courses on the governance of AI systems, AI for policymaking, data-driven decision making, business models for AI and cybersecurity.
  • the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) offers several AI-related courses – e.g. AI & Society, Machine Learning for Intelligent Products, Design innovation 4.0 in supply networks, Prototyping Connected Products. IDE is developing new courses related to the application of AI within the design practice and to the application of design techniques for AI-enabled products, services, and systems in domains such as health-care and mobility.

Preparations are underway for looking into further extending our education at the MSc level including:

  • an MSc ‘Block’ in Artificial Intelligence courses
  • various MSc courses and projects in the field of AI, Data & Digitalisation

Cross-programme training

Cross-programme training, for programmes that like to advance their subject with AI, data & digitalisation, is currently managed via participation in courses offered by Computer Science. This includes a minor for 150 students that is repeatedly oversubscribed. We will develop additional courses and programmes to meet the huge cross-university demand by staff, PhD and our approximately 25.000 students.

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