AI Education

Integrating AI into our society so that it is valuable, ethical and productive is important. This increasingly means training and bringing together both AI specialists and application-oriented AI professionals. The AI specialists, such as computer scientists, focus on technical and theoretical aspects, and work ‘into AI’. Professionals who apply AI in their own domain possess in-depth knowledge of their own area and the context in which AI systems and solutions can be deployed. They can make relevant connections and work 'with AI'.

TU Delft aims to provide every student with AI education that embraces both ‘WITH’ and ‘INTO’ learning. By equipping every student with a better and wider understanding, we can together build a society that’s capable of integrating AI responsibly and successfully.

Everyone at TU Delft is confronted by AI in one way or another, so it is important that every student is taught about AI, not incidentally, in a single course but, where relevant, as an integral part of the curriculum.

Willem-Paul Brinkman, Academic Lead AI Initiative Onderwijs

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