Subjects related to AI, data & digitalisation play a central role in TU Delft’s education programme. They are part of our core bachelor and master programmes – education in AI, data & digitalisation. Our education also combines research foundations with subject-related scientific and societal challenges: here we are helping to advance different subjects with AI, data & digitalisation. TU Delft also offers cross-programme training and continuing education in AI, data & digitalisation-related subjects for its own staff and PhDs, and for alumni and professionals.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), data and digitalisation are rapidly changing the way we do science and the way we engineer systems and services. Successful integration of AI in society increasingly involves:

  • Specialised AI professionals, who focus on the deeper engineering and theoretical aspects of AI. These are professionals with fully-fledged computer science backgrounds, who work with ‘in-AI’ disciplines.
  • Application-driven AI professionals, who have a profound knowledge of the subject-related domain and contexts where AI systems are deployed. These have the AI knowledge needed to make relevant connections, working in the ‘with-AI’ domain.

TU Delft endeavours to offer every student both ‘with’ and ‘in’ AI education.

Continue reading about the educational elements in TU Delft’s different programmes here:

More information and contact

Please contact the AI Education Coordination team W.P. (Willem-Paul) Brinkman

Academic Lead AI Initiative Education

Prof.dr. A.E. Zaidman

Academic Lead AI Convergence Education

Dr. M.T.J. Spaan

AI Initiative Education Team

Dr. C. (Christoph) Lofi

AI Initiative Education Team

S.M. van Aardenne

Advisor Education & Innovation

W.K.K. (Wendy) Jansen

Projectleader AI Education Development

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