AI Educational Innovation

Educational Innovation

TU Delft continually introduces the latest innovations in AI, data & digitalisation technology into its educational programmes by means of initiatives such as Delft Extension School, Leiden•Delft•Erasmus Centre for Education and Learning, and the 4TU.Centre for Engineering Education. We accelerate educational innovation with advances from AI, data & digitalisation, such as data-driven analytics and large-scale automated feedback.

TU Delft and AI in Education (AIED)

Embedding AI components in current campus education at TU Delft offers several opportunities for shaping new workflows with mixed AI and teacher initiative and task distributions. As a basic approach, we will focus on proven techniques such as the use of AI in assessment and evaluation, and on designing learning analytics components – embedding these in teaching workflows for feedback using Information and Technology Services.

AIED @ TUDelft has proposed several initiatives for building a base infrastructure, to be followed by the development of domain and faculty specific instances of hybrid (Teacher and AI) Intelligence Systems. These include:

  • A platform based on Machine Learning for Assessment and Evaluation
  • A platform for Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Conversational Agents