AI for fair, efficient and interpretable policy analysis

In situations where a government has to make decisions with far-reaching consequences, such as in the field of climate change mitigation, conflicting interests of multiple sectors, regions and generations come into play. In such contexts, AI offers opportunities for supporting decision-making.

To have a real impact, AI techniques must take into account all stakeholders. They must minimise conflict and protect vulnerable groups. Therefore, the Hippo Lab will develop nature-inspired hyper-heuristic optimisation methods for the fair and efficient design and analysis of public policies.

We will do this by using AI in the area of equitable design, where we will use the principles of distributive justice to explore policy alternatives. In the area of responsible design, we are going to use AI to improve the interpretability of black-box optimisation methods. Finally, in the area of human-centred design, we are going to systematically involve stakeholders in the AI-supported policy development cycle.


The cornerstones of our lab are four PhD projects.