AI for Energy and Sustainability

The energy transition exposes the complexity of our energy network. In order to achieve a sustainable future, the system must be both 'green' and balanced. If, for example, the wind production at a certain moment increases, you have to reduce energy production at another source. The current energy system is not yet ready to deal with a large and varied amount of renewable energy sources.

The amount of data available has increased enormously, and many Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have proven their worth over the past ten years. As a result, the application of AI in the energy field can speed up the energy transition enormously. AI is already being used on a small scale, such as for smart thermostats, or for charging an electric car at a time when energy demand and price are low. However, the energy system as a whole is still far from smart, and can become a lot more efficient by using AI.

In-depth knowledge of AI provides energy and sustainability experts with important tools. These include smart algorithms for controlling energy distribution systems, setting up and improving 'control' of energy infrastructure (such as underground heat storage), and smart decision support for complex decision-making processes. As testing solutions in practice is often very laborious and costly, we develop very detailed models and simulators that can replace some of these ‘real life’ tests.

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On 26 November 2020, several researchers shared their knowledge during the session Energie uit AI? Nederland is AAN! at the annual event of the Netherlands AI Coalition (NLAIC). Below you will find short video pitches of these researchers, in which they talk about the latest developments in AI that can be applied in the energy domain.

More video pitches

More video pitches about applying AI in the energy domain are available through this website.

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