AI for Technological Industry

After the industrial revolution, a revolution is taking place in the technology industry itself with the rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI). In many companies, AI already plays an important role in business operations, for example in optimising maintenance processes, energy use and product development. To stay ahead internationally, we need to translate the newest insights in AI to the technology industry and look at the opportunities for existing AI technologies in new applications.

In-depth knowledge of AI provides professionals in the technology industry with important tools. Think, for example, of smart algorithms that improve human-machine interaction, so that they can work together in a business process, doing exactly what they do best. Or physics-aware AI, a promising new technology that allows machines to understand the laws of nature just like humans do, and to work much more efficiently and accurately. Because testing solutions in practice is often very laborious and costly, we develop highly detailed simulation models and digital twins that can take care of part of the practical testing.

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