Regional Collaboration

in AI, data & digitalisation

The amount of data available has increased enormously, and many Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have proven themselves over the past ten years. AI provides us with important tools to tackle societal challenges. If we do this together and from different disciplines, we can take major leaps forward. That is why the universities of Zuid-Holland and the university medical centres are collaborating in this field.

The cooperation between experts in AI, data and digitalisation, and experts who apply AI in another scientific domain, is central. In other words: in AI and with AI. Based on this complementarity, we prepare ourselves for future challenges. This is reflected in:

Through the AI hub Zuid-Holland, which is a part of the Dutch National AI Coalition (NL AIC), all stakeholders in the Dutch AI landscape are united. Collaboration in AI convergence, data & digitalisation is its scientific backbone. We are preparing for the research agendas that are being developed and the resulting funding opportunities in order to contribute from AI, data & digitalisation to the major regional, national and international societal challenges.