Our research themes

For several years, AI, data & digitalisation have had a growing and university-wide influence in all areas of research and on all educational programmes. At TU Delft, we believe that the continued and successful application of an AI-driven approach demands a convergence of research into AI, advancing the field of AI, and research with AI, advancing the state of the art of a specific field of research. Our research in AI, data & digitalisation is characterised by the following themes:

Fundamentals for AI, Data & Digitalisation

  • AI and data technology & software (“Technology stack for AI & data”)
  • Ethics, governance & systems (“Responsible and human-centred AI”)
  • Robotics, systems & control (“Robotics”)

Focus on Technology & Society

  • Research into AI, focussing on the relationship and interaction between technology, people and society (“AI for people and society”)

Utilisation in Science, Design and Engineering context

  • the application of machine learning for innovations in catalysis,
  • the use of AI and data in designing buildings, airplanes & transport infrastructures,
  • the building of AI-driven data systems for optimising the design of and production process in microelectronics,
  • the implementation of robots in scientific laboratory to significantly increase the number of experiments and amount of scientific data produced,
  • the use of data visualisation in medical applications.

Our focus themes